TopicPsychology And Christianity Are Different

  • Tue 24th Nov 2020 - 8:17am

    For almost 30 years my oldest son lived with me and worked with me in the Christian community that Total Money Magnetism my wife and I set up. He was one of the most helpful members of that community, and all because of his ability to question things, and to argue his case well. True, his disagreements used to drive me up the wall at times, but even when he seemed to be arguing just for the sake of arguing, it required him to think. As a result, I knew that if he was left in charge of any situation, he would be pretty much able to handle it. And all because he had learned to think.

    I never took debating in school, but it sounds like one of the best subjects one can take. Most people think, "Ugh! Arguments! I hate them. How depressing! How negative!" But, of course, what happens on a debating team is that they teach you to argue whichever side you are instructed to argue, and not just the one that you would prefer. In other words, overall, you are forced to consider both sides, all of the pros and cons. In short, you learn to think.

    I wish that more Christian believers would actually learn to question their faith at times, just so that they can think through the issues and come out more convincing and more convinced in what it is that they do believe. Thinking outside the box will invariably generate controversy, but all of that will better equip you for whatever it is that you ultimately decide to do with your life. Whatever it is that we believe or do right now will eventually become dead traditions if we don't know why we chose them, and if we are not continuing to keep the issues clear in our own minds and in the minds of others.


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