TopicReasons For Female Hair Loss - Many and Varied

  • Tue 20th Oct 2020 - 2:10pm

    Pharmaceutical drugs tackle this problem by Revifol Hair Loss Review  blocking the conversion of the male testosterone hormone into DHT. By so doing, the hair follicles grow their hair normally and the balding problem is solved. However, such products may come with side effects and it's important to consult with your doctor before using them.

    Always check the ingredients in these drugs to see if you will react with them. These also may contain some herbal products such as saw palmetto to make them have a more natural appeal and to reduce their side effects. A majority of them also contain minoxidil that has been known to act as a great cure for receding hair lines.

    The prescription drugs include Procerin, Provillus, Corvinex etc. However, these drugs may not treat female type baldness which is not caused by DHT. Instead, female type baldness is caused by hormonal imbalances and even in most cases it does not result in complete baldness as is the case with men. There are drugs in the pipeline that are being developed in the same line as these drugs and of them is Sephren.

    One may also choose to use herbal or natural substances in order to treat their baldness. Such natural substances are loved by some people because they have fewer side effects compared to the prescription drugs. The herbal products include rosemary, margosa, amla oil, lettuce juice mixed with spinach juice, honey, coconut oil, etc.

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