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    "Nothing important of, is all my duty just.You probably didn't hear that I have a name to be called a philanthropic-minded Liao big officer person." "Just thanked you for to save me Lonzo Ball Ucla Jersey, otherwise the result is so terrible we dares not thinks about it, we originally of the gratitude and grudge evened off.There are 50,000 pieces of checks here is recompense yours."The Mu permits ice rain is from the handbag in take out check book to write down a string of number, sign stamp seal to pass to him. Although Liao learns a soldier very money-mad, he racketeers to rob, be have never accepted almsgiving, right away once the facial expression sink, the unknown industry fire Teng Teng starts to emit from the in the mind:Take Lao Tze for mendicant?Say:"You still stay you to spend.""How?Don't ?You see you poor to become so, just took your 100 pieces of your meat painful must die, take money to go home to buy good clothes of body."The Mu permits ice rain to say:"Have no money to still pack what?50,000 pieces of is no longer fraction eyes, also dislike little?" She probably unintentionally says of, probably sincerely want to let him over like 1:00, definite, Liao learns a soldier to look really very down and out, shirt collars' all whetting to break is wearing, the inferior shoes on the feet also shed off a few skin.This words violated openly the self-respect that Liao learns a soldier, his Yin smiled from the trousers Dou in take out several hair small change Sa on the ground, say:"The Mu permits a young lady and sings quite goodly today, this is the big Ye to appreciate to yours." "Feed, your this person how so?"The Mu permits ice rain to want to help him, but anti- be taunted by him, spirit whole body shiver.Gao Gao always enjoys the focal distance of the spot light and the attention of the people of this world in normal times in the last big star, each person considers as the fairy to her Michael Jordan North Carolina Jersey, connect and see one more eyes and all feel to besmirch, how this person is always stubborn, immediately also Nu way:"My seeing you poor must be pitiful just to your money, you not want to not worth!" The Mu permits ice rain primary school graduation, then self-educated become useful, musically of the scholastic attainment is rated as genius, but the foundation knowledge is weak, become famous hereafter have a heavy ticket broker, footman generation her way to get along with people are all companies to in advance write good stage dialogue to make her shine on when the time comes to read in the great majority speeches on the press conference, experience in fact getting in touch with with others is little to be pitiful.And of everybody make track for her to praise her, no one blames her, so speak this etc. words come in really natural. She basically doesn't know this kind of words to in fact harm a person very much, also eloquent way:"See you thin become so, didn't definitely good once ate well thing, I meal spend at ordinary times several thousands of." "You what is a lascivious woman that sells to sing satisfied?If not that several ten thousand fans give you, your eating excrements has never got to eat!"Liao learns a soldier sneer way, a Duo leads the check in the her hand, the 32 times tores smash, spread on her head:"What do 50,000 pieces calculate?Wipe a bottom, I dislike paper to slip to wipe too much not clean." The Mu permits ice rain when once listenned to this vulgar language Michael Jordan Unc Jersey, is not understand Liao either to learn a soldier why become angry, the tears turns around in the eye socket:"You don't want don't , fierce what fierce!Does the big man humiliate a my daughter person and calculate what skill?" "See to common language of my heel's your nothing important.Take leave."Liao learns a soldier to turn round to come out a restroom. See his head don't return and then walk as well Paul Pierce Kansas Jersey, the Mu permits ice rain in anger way:"Hum, walk and then walk, you think I am rare rare you!" The fan of outside has already been evacuated, old Liao walks to in the avenue, suddenly think of:"Singing performance at that time exactly is which bastard pushed mine?Let me check to arrive don't shell his skin can not.Connect finally several hair money all because is emotional to throw away, I am too silly."Cursing and scolding is a burst of, again the be full of remorse gets up:"Early know to take those 50,000 pieces like, I pack what big head garlic which!" On September 27, on Friday, fine become cloudy.Old Liao stands at the front door of school, tired and hungry, having muscular spasms of calf a strength, hand iron gate pant:"Did not be late on the whole ……" The baloney , after body had no little money, on foot walked to return to Ao water apartment from the gymnasium yesterday, the greater half night could not find to loot of object, today gets up early in the morning, have no money buy breakfast, the car has been already been stolen, on an empty stomach again run with the leg to school, tired get almost debility."The Mu permits ice rain, don't show me you next time and otherwise rape by turn 100 times, all of top and bottom three holes put!"He runs to the second floor restaurant, with big kitchen good words say to the utmost, also helped Xian several unilateral skin, the big kitchen is just free to present four small steamed buns, two stutter over, somehow have no so hungry. The students morning exercise just ended, old Liao went to classroom:"Who would like to go to outskirts camping on Saturday?" Brush a big slice of person to raise hand, Chen You Nian says:"Camp well, have no a matter too much at home dry!Not is watch television be go shopping, good boring."The many people all attach and, mean in succession that camping a ratio is much more interesting at home Vince Carter Unc Jersey.A part of girl opposes and says:"Camp to bother so much of, and the outskirts isn't that convenient."Severals love clean classmate to also agree their words.Approve and oppose being divided into two to send, approved parties to have the great majority, neutral parties also have one little parts of persons, also become, don't go and also become, fight in classroom the Fei Fei is satisfied.The class activity is generally what whole class classmate all want to take part in, otherwise will be deducted from marks at expecting an end examination. Is always quiet such as aqueous girl Su fly Hong light swept to oppose the most vigorous a few girls one eye, say:"I feel to still go of well and anyway really boring at home."Those girls to hope one eye, immediately withdrew previous remark to approve by so doing and almost owners to all agree to camp. Liao learns a soldier inwardly a surprised:This Su flies Hong to have much of a prestige in the girl, and the heel leaf's jade tiger, Cui government isn't a group.He says with smile:"Now that no one oppose, so according to we the pact last week, the language lesson in section 3, I will carry on a test to you, only the whole class classmate pass leads in above 80%, the camping activity would take effect." ", Teacher too craftiness!At 1:00 also not play, that I still keep not being going."Wu Chun Xing says. The summer however says:"That I still keep seeing at home on Saturday salty egg superman calculate."Leaf the jade tiger Be cold to pass a look in the eyes to him:"You don't talk nobody to take you for dummy." Quite a few personal down below hair message communicates concerning the attitude of the classmates at the same time. Wu Chun Xing gives out a Cui government:"Really need to go?" Cui government:"You don't want to block you to the nobody."Mama of, the only opportunity break Lao Tze and Anne to purely and purely get along with, haven't sought you to calculate Zhang. The Cui government gives out a leaf jade tiger:"This is a good opportunity, had better encourage that everyone goes." Leaf jade tiger:"BE having this idea Zion Williamson Duke Jersey, not the Kui enjoys my heart.A small test doesn't put in the eye just." Li Yan gives out Su to fly Hong:"Elder sister, do you go?"Su flies Hong:"Is very boring at home, so want to go."Privately a negotiate well and gradually opposed of the voice disappeared, student all despise way:"The test has what fantastic of, though put a horse to come over."Liao learns soldier's exultation:This test also at last examines the student's study result, to midterm in a month how much also a little bit hold.A wave hand way:"Hoping you to review well, section 3 lesson starts testing.The class will tally up lesson in the afternoon, I will declare a result.""Teacher, you don't say that the whole classeses all test full marks, the just next pass leads of boundary, despise us too much." He go to reference room and sought some tests of difficulties, let the data member print to flirt a lovely data member well and conveniently a few words:"Hey, your hand is very white, don't mind to make me touch?" "I mind very much."The boyfriend of data member, Gao San physical teacher Huang stands out to say.

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