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    Liao learns soldier's step to flightily stand down Taiwan, the cold sweat wets dress Shan, Pa pour all of a sudden on the chair, whole body debility, suffered must could not say words.The classmates all excitedly ask him:"Teacher, you are too strong!""Teacher, you are an idol!" Anne purely and purely smiles good-lookingly:"Teacher, you sing really lovely.It is like a child."She in mind pluses 1:"Being lovely must make people want to love deeply." Liao learns a soldier double the eyes are stagnant James Harden Arizona State Jersey, flick:"Is since departure vexed I ……" The classmates to he the disgusting manner at the moment raise camera and is a burst of fierce to clap. A few songs that leave, old Liao already in no mind listen to, the extreme strain later on changes of the debility make people soft of what all lift disinclination.This Mu permits ice rain to go on stage a performance such as the first for several years, is really hard imagination. Till the last performance be over, public and unwilling to part, arrived extremity crazily, the fairy has to add to sing two with the hatred that recovers everyone.However the world didn't don't spread of dinner party, be her to everyone speak again see two words Jimmy Butler Marquette Jersey, the fan irritable dynamic heart doesn't know drive who take, numerous people put together an old life from the all directions to hurtle toward the on the stage, the several hundreds of public securities and police constitutes of defense line for a while drive blunt Kua. The crowd of upsurging pushes old Liao to most before.He is really a body not from already and by this time if still lie on the chair, only afraid be early stepped into minced meat.Other classmates early drive blunt spread, he tightly holds tight an Anne's purely pure hand and fears this pure girl to suffer from injury. The everyones all want to approach the fairy Mu in the heart to permit ice rain, if can touch her hand, whole life all need not took a shower, if by luck get hold of her[one] adornment on the performance mourns to fall to, can clap an exorbitant price, even if don't go anything, be in the utmost close quarter see her an eye also well.The everyone heart herewith reads, the dynasty on the stage is crowded. People three western directions pushed up to from the southeast Kemba Walker Uconn Jersey, the Mu permitted ice rain to want to run into backstage, already too late, she towards a words tube to loudly shout a way:Who do"everyone keeps order ……" but condition are so crary, have to hear her saying what? Is urgent medium Liao learn a soldier and suddenly discover that Anne purely and purely doesn't know when also drive crowded drop! See on the stage quite a few 1000 people be apart from Mu to permit ice rain to only have the Yao of half step, the everyone brandishes to begin to almost want to touch to run into her body, and the fairy can not help being rattled.Liao learns a soldier to see this situation, an arrows step dashes away, and the right hand starts to pull Mu to permit ice rain and calls a way:"With I go toward there run, there the person is little, we blunt past!" The Mu permits ice rain of one exclaim and also think to have already suffered a fanatical fan, immediately tired of earthly life, it is the voice that she acquaints with to have never thought, re- invigorate again, follow Liao to learn a soldier to urgently tread to leave. Liao learns soldier's eyesight outstanding, in the early years of black help to make track for to kill to early do in the career the whole body escape an effort, for a while Qu quasi- weakest link for fan, left Shan right Tu, take off a ring of encirclement.But crowded at the fan of on the stage because the number is excessive, you are crowded I I touch you, all think the fairy in the heart at oneself front, more crowded and more disorderly. The props, such as Laser light Kevin Durant Texas Jersey, microphone and electric wire...etc. are all trampled breakage, the outdoor scene shelf is tottering, the disorder of the condition it is thus clear that one spot. Liao learns a soldier to early see the small door that a backstage passes in and out, the Ye wore a girl to drilled into, and the Pa ground closed the door all of a sudden. Not know be touched by the fan to break circuit still what another reason, pitch dark one in the place entered by them, have no shining. "Very nearly and very nearly!"The Mu permits ice rain frightened slightly settle, lightly clap a chest to say, unfortunately and darkly win to have no who see her the small action of this super amiability. The fans step voice still just the outside resound Kyrie Irving Duke Jersey, Liao learns a soldier to say:"We seek a place to go out, very dangerous here."The Ning opens lighter, can see through the dusky light of fire here am a companion dance personnel of temporary once exported a way, last Sa in the ground a lot of scraps of papers and colorful plastics. The lighter soon put out, the Mu permitted ice rain to say:"I must contact broker first.Is unlucky, didn't take a cellular phone on the body, don't know he, does the positive where worry.The fans were to excite too much." "Hold, this kind of fan has no brain most , as soon as the other people instigate, listenning to the breeze is rain.Besides you sing of song also the general sort has just what very adorable."Liao learns a soldier to make cool criticism. In this kind of time, the Mu permits ice rain lazy must dispute with him, by dint of the memory gropes for to arrive at backstage, it is very a bright hall to pour in my light, many people all at busy, the broker is making a phone call for police station:"Feed, bureau chief Zheng, please send more police force again to increase to aid, the fan's emotion has been already lost control, Mu's permitting a young lady is surrounded by them to can not get away, and the circumstance is very dangerous.!Young lady!You came back!" The broker hurriedly throws down a telephone, and other staff members surround together, you a talk my one to keep asking:"The young lady is all right?I just really was frightened to death, this under will become tomorrow headlines of amusing the weekly magazine.""Young lady, your magic power is really a lot too big.""Young lady, change body clothes, there is car stopping waiting you in the back door, is going to hotel to take part in the celebration dinner of company under etc.." The Mu permits the city media label of ice rain and whole country's biggest amusement company sky to contain contract and belongs to the heavy weight in the company to make a contract an entertainer, each time singing performance succeed the be over will hold celebration dinner Larry Bird Indiana State Jersey, and still have each heavy media reporter's interview behind.Although sang on stage more than three hours this time, had been very tired,stilled had to continue social parties, body not from F. She lightly pushes away a public way:"Let my a person calm down."Slowly walk back to belong to her independent restroom, come to doorway, turn head to learn a soldier to say to Liao:"You also come in, I have words to say with you." "I?"Liao learns a soldier to point a he or she, public also all hope toward him, the in the mind is full to is a question:"Is this guy a lucky fan?"Someone recognizes he:"He seems just to chorus 《very sweet 》 guy in the on the stage and the young lady.""Mama of, sing so unpleasant to hearly, singing performance almost drive his a person to ruin." Liao learns a soldier cold swept public one eye, way:"See what to see?Go home to see your elder sister taking a shower.The work is so busy, and so many things want a processing, the light adjusts a degree and appeases crowd, the circuit fixs, there is also press conference, you dislike a matter little?All give I go to dry live!" Public heart way:"The owner of the company talks all and has no so a cow.Might it not be, is he really the owner's nephew?Otherwise and how can and so lucky appear on stage to chorus with young lady, the young lady still invites him to enter a restroom together and seems to be what rubbish to want to say."Someone defies and says:"Is a backstage important precincts here, you a person with no duty at come in noisy what matter?" Liao learns soldier's eyes a stare:"What?Do you dare also contend for with me?You, you, also have you, take Gao Yin trumpet go to stage appeal, appease crowd dynasty the safe direction withdraw, otherwise that helps once the stupid young man make, occurrence what trample affairs, your affirmation can not have this rice."He with ordered blind conductor of several personal a burst of beard Kans, that several people also really found out a trumpet to run stage. Liao learns a soldier and points at broker to say:"Feed, see what see?Everyone has no carefree, you dare to also loaf on job, the ground is so dirty, take a mop quickly to drag along, pour cup tea for me under etc.."Other severals see broker drive he Leng Chong big head a Xun scold and can not help a Yan mouth stealing to smile. The broker is that is 30 years old or so intelligent and capable woman, handles affairs strictly and speedily always, enter to back in proper form, in the industry vegetable have woman entrepreneur of call, she hasn't come yet and inquire this puzzling stranger is what is the row, the this boy unexpectedly anti- guest came for lord, orderanying arising from F. "Feed!You just say to permit a young lady for Mu to dedicate a flower, now how mix again incoming?"The broker is counter-questioning and beating expression of eyes to the public security, want to let the public security appear publicly reprimand angrily to for a while, Cuo Cuo his power and prestige.But that public security is exactly Jiang Xiao Er, free to broker start to blink eyes to the eyelid a cocoon, is still also unconcerned.

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