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    This song is more nowise inferior to than the first song, the fans are like Chi if inebriate.Often rise and fall along with the musical high tide on the satge, the Teng rises a smoke, or explodes one row bright smoke flower. Satge two sides still have scale to hugely accompany band like the symphony orchestra sort, it suffices to show singing performance of luxurious and ostentatious and the Mu permits ice rain to the musical meticulous request-a real singer, can't bear with to sing while accompanying a tape. A fan breaks through the obstruction of public security and embraces a red rose of a bunch of fire to jump on the stage at this time.The Mu permits ice rain air to peacefully accept his to dedicate to spend behavior and also held a hand with her.That fan seems to be for several in the last years days to think a night to think Anthony Davis Kentucky Jersey, is of is this a moment, take endless of satisfy the feeling return to seat, suddenly a shoes is flown to beat on his face without basis and accompanies with the interjection of an exasperation:"Grow so ugly dare also dedicate flower to shake hands with our light rains!" Liao learns a soldier cold sweat Die, "if the hooligan party Tu has them half of fanatical intense emotion, I early swept medium mafia in sea City." Sing to arrive the third song, the Mu permits the tights trousers that ice rain changed black dead color, purple grain, on the arm, waist up hang a hideous mess of fall to a chain.Appear together with her of still have 20 people's companion dance brigade, act tidy uniform, gorgeous Xuan eyes. Music is very sturdy stereoscopic Ben Simmons Lsu Jersey, imitate to launch sort rhythm such as the engine hundred percent.Liao learns a soldier to listen to excitedly, heart way:"This makes track for a car person pour the theme song that the accommodation is hooligan." The fans of passionate endless endless, always have never faded away.Old Liao gradually got fed up with having some and saw Anne purely and purely concentrate on and still sang in the low voice after an hour, should with the song of satge, he thinks:"This time I if knead her chest, should can't have what reaction of ……" Suddenly and greatly putting on the satge is bright, originally the song sung has already gradually drawn to an end, the Mu permits ice rain to again bow and say with smile toward everyone:"Very thankful everyone is consistent to me of support, underneath a song, I want to invite the spot of a fan appears on stage to sing with me together and have who would like to?"She this several in the last yearses hold of several singing performances, will invite a lucky fan of the spot to appear on stage to sing with her together, solemnly have become usual practice. Have already had a disturbance on the grandstand.The Mu permitted ice rain words to just finish saying, Liao learned after death suddenly 56 hands of soldiers malicious pushed him a-what he sat is a first row, the front didn't separate, immediately was pushed to leave seat and hurtled 56 meters before stumbling into far, may may stand by the side of the satge up. Qiao it again Qiao BE Carmelo Anthony Syracuse Jersey , the light teacher is very aggressive to match with, already light the pillar project in his body, momentary the spot more than 40,000 pair eyes all look at him.Old Liao leaves satge near, other people Zong are to have a mind set to approach idol, also fail to catch his speed. "Mama of, who push me?"Angrily turned head to see one eye, the female kid was calling:"Is well brave, it is me to change to do, don't I dare up." Liao learns a soldier again surprised again Nu again is strain, must be the students leg-pull!He doesn't know to turn head to still continue to walk forward, more than 40,000 persons at looking at where!In case of carelessly fall off one one Jiao has never lived to descend of courage.Only the pillar projects, seem before the public all over naked general, very anxious to oneself without basis disappear drop. Go again next time what person many places join a crowd for fun, must seek a cordage binds oneself prison prison on the seat, who also can not push. The Mu permits ice rain hair words way:"Okay, this friend is you."Lightly dynasty he beckons with the hand. Many people all call a way:"This lucky guy really envies!" Liao learns soldier's in the mind that twisted a strength not to lift separately, crustily the skin of head slowly walks to the satge the center.The jade tiger of Cui government, leaf, four see him meticulous, skate over thin ice, happy must soon smile to turn over, a takes a digital camera Derrick Rose Memphis Jersey, the camera is fierce to clap, even thought of to announce at the campus on the second day of the writing headline on the network:《Teacher Liao makes track for star disgusting manner!》 ", How is you?Not is say to don't want to see mine any further?Originally you are also my fan."In order to temporarily turning off microphone, the Mu permits ice rain to talk to worry to be heard by the fans. "Pei, are you that karaoke level?I am to see the nobody appear on stage afraid you are embarrassed, sacrifice oneself to match with you a , satisfied what."Liao learns a soldier to rebuke with sarcastic remarks, the matter has already gone to this, and he is straight-tempered to pack not stingily, open hands to do the action that seeks embrace. The eyes of the masses are fixed on under, the Mu permits ice rain helpless, have to to also open hands to greet his embrace.The hiss in set, shout bravo a your work.Cui government mumbling way:"The teacher incredibly dares to besmirch our fairies, his dead settled." The back towards audience, at a who can not see either of angle, old Liao complied with the surrounding to knead the hip of kneading the fairy and attached a way at her ear light tone:"Hand is quite good, conveniently tell you, I can't sing your song and do the honor." The Mu permits ice rain long so greatly still keep suffering strange hand raid for the first time, abashed and angered, refusing stubborn can go into action and open microphone switch to say to the fan:"Underneath I and this friend rework one very sweet , hope I are all so very sweet forever with you ……" Liao learns a soldier to since say to sing his/her own song, is no matter to is really a leave, permit ice rain in so many fan in front mus don't wish as well what Chi son, have to his heart of cheap trick lane to endure and choose one to spread very extensive song. The staff member has already sent the words tube to him, Liao learns a soldier to naturally pull the hand-Mu of fairy to permit ice rain surface not stingy allow him to hold the hand, the in the mind keeps scolding. Unexpectedly 2 people stand at a cake of Gordon Hayward Butler Jersey, really have unspeakable felling, Liao learns soldier's outlooking not to calculate very bad, seem to be particularly in the light bottom soft melancholy of Yin, with previous beginning appear on stage of rude in behavior, now already very natural harmonious, permits ice rain left hand with Mu to lead long right hand, really be like to so return to matter.Even someone doubts that he is to sponsor a square to in advance arrange to well give son. "Is very sweet, you smile very sweetly, seem the flower open in spring breeze in, open in spring breeze in ……" Mu permits ice rainy day to living one vice- good throat and sing what songs all so the circle is smooth moving.She finished singing one to stop down and lightly signaled hint Liao to learn a soldier to immediately after sing. Is never so hard-pressed to lead during a lifetime, if have a hole, old Liaos all think that the direct head of drilled into.An eye sweeps in the past, was all person everywhere, all the party in government saw by himself/herself, he loudly coughed for a while and sang a way:"Where, where once saw you, your smiling face acquainted with like this, I temporarily don't recall."The tremolo woulded appear when the voice isn't too unpleasant to hear, but takes strain, and ran to adjust, have the quite a few the part with music accompanying also coalescence not up …… Have no how much person derision Ja Morant Murray State Jersey, because everyone knows, if is the position that oneself is placed in him, only afraid will sing more miserably.Two years two classes of students can smiled to break down, they really had never thought, the teacher still really has ability ……save in digital camera of exert is the teacher's lens. 2 people are an I am a , old Liao more sings more what a mess, run to adjust, walk a sound and break a sound all like that, public all can not help generation, he is getting more suffered, a big age bring shame so …… On the whole sing till the last, but everyone feel the his courageous persistence come down, the difficult ability is valuable.Was small and soft to enjoy in retrospect to just sing a segment, although sing lousily, on the contrary have the mild reality to just can see on a kind of common Human body, but can't be like similar Gao Gao of big star at up. This felling is concretely particularly true, public all feel that he seems the neighbor reasonable and easy to get along with elder brother carries on one to perform for himself just, not suddenly suffered, only have a kind of warm mixture therein.Everyone cans not control feelings to encourage for he applausing. He leads long Mu to permit the hand of ice rain so self-composed, unhurriedly, remove to sing not to say, 2 people's outward appearance looks bead allied the Bi match, let many people all the heart living to envy. Chorus with other people each time, Mu's permitting all of the opponents of ice rain is those sing achievement get, handsome and natural and unrestrained male star, this of the accidents cooperate and let her in the mind have an another feeling. The Mu permits ice rain to say with smile:"Really appreciate this friend, he brings me tonight a kind of difficult speech of touched.It is true, thank you."Pull on one's own initiative him to lightly embrace each other for a while.

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