TopicThe Glue of the Universe

  • Mon 19th Oct 2020 - 8:06am

    I am not joking here. Try to live in a middle of a noisy Manifestation Sigil Review city for just one hour and you will know the scenario. I am an Indian myself and I respect the cultures and the festivals but there is a limit to everything. Why do you need 100 decibel of loudspeakers in Navaratri (nine nights of Garba) that too in winter?

    I agree that we need a little DJ action, prayers, or traditional songs but why at such high pitch? Can't those people lower down the volume and think a bit about the people residing in the neighbourhood? In addition, even if you go and complain or even ask a bit to the manager they will shout or ignore it so harshly that you will feel like crying or running away from there.

    There are people who are considerate and respect the wishes but I feel that loudspeakers and harsh voices should be banned especially if there is a hospital, a school or a sick patient around the neighbourhood. Do you agree with me?

    There is no limit to our power of devotion. We love and respect all religions. But that does not mean we shout aloud for hours and hours boasting about how high our devotional power is. That will never please the God or the Goddess.

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