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  • Tue 13th Oct 2020 - 1:27pm

    When a louse is separated from a host, it dies quickly, so as Peak BioBoost Review long as surfaces are cleaned, the chances of spreading an infestation are slim. Any article of clothing that has been in contact with a victim's head should also be cleaned immediately. Once an infestation has been detected, minimizing contact between family members would also help in keeping the infestation from spreading. Check on other members of the family as well when an infestation has been determined.

    A lice infestation usually manifests itself by itchiness on the head and scalp. Once this is detected in a child, look for the telltale signs of the infestations, such as nits on the hair strands, or actual lice that are crawling on the scalp or hair. The itchiness is caused by because lice are bloodsuckers and the bites can cause irritations. Lice would affect the person's head, leaving marks on the scalp and nits on the hair.

    Once an infestation has been determined, treating head lice on the affected person is very important. The lice can be killed using formulations specifically for this, or through manual inspection and removal. Lice combs are effective in the manual removal of lice and nits from a person's hair. Combing an affected person's hair with these special combs removes the lice and nits from that person's head.

    Special formulas utilizing chemicals such as pyrethrine would also aid in the eradication and extermination of the lice infestation. A combination of the two methods, combing the head and application of the formulation would increase the chances of totally eradicating the louse infestation.

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