TopicHow Much Weight Can You Safely Lose?

  • Tue 13th Oct 2020 - 11:31am

    Write it down and pledge to yourself that I will be fit. It's my body Trimtone Review and my decision. Goal Attained - I Will be Fit Today. If you do not write it down and commit to being fit, you already lost the battle. What I like about this goal is it's totally attainable NOW. It's your decision every time you start your day.

    If you will plan your day with this goal in mind or not. Sounds easy, I know. It does take some planning. So how can you plan to live today with the goal of being fit in mind. Keep your goal in mind as your day unfolds. Make your fit goal the center of your day and you'll see what choices arise that will make a difference for getting fit.

    Take a picture out of a magazine of a fit body and cut out the face, replace it with your face and place it on the refrigerator or somewhere you'll see it daily. Dig out an old swim suit or buy a new swim suit in a size you will attain. Hang it up on the wall and look at it everyday. Each time you look at it tell yourself, I will be wearing this soon.

    Know that getting fit takes time. Do not be discouraged and when you are feeling low, call a friend for encouragement. If you need to snack munch on healthy foods try a low calorie snack, 1/2 cup of fruit or a handful of peanuts.

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