Topic3 Secrets to Finding Peace Amidst the Storm

  • Tue 13th Oct 2020 - 6:57am

    What is prayer. I am asking myself to push beyond the normal Thought Manifestation Review  for me, I want to find some sort of answer to the question of what is prayer. I want to satisfy a curiosity that perhaps has always existed inside my thinking, but has never pushed forcefully enough to rise to the top of my busy mind work.

    Mind work, now that is a thought in itself, one that distracts me from my mission of this moment. I shall return to that thought another day, in order to resume my intended search.

    Pray without ceasing, one of my favorite quotes from the Bible, is one that I have believed in for many years now. I recently, perhaps only this morning, have decided to go deeper than my beforehand comprehension, of what it means to pray! I, as so many other Believers I am aware of, have taken for granted the word Pray! To, Pray, is to bring ones self to a state of being in which you are prepared to share and to receive, from the Source, God, Creator of the Universe, that which will bring wisdom and instruction, as well as direction to your path.

    We are taught at a young age, if we are fortunate enough to be raised in a, Believing home, about God, about Blessings, about Jesus, about Prayer, about doing unto others as we would have them do unto us, in some homes and especially in more modern believing homes, we are taught something of the Holy Spirit. With as many topics as I have mentioned above, how deep have you sought to go, into the comprehension of these aspects of who God is.

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