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  • Mon 12th Oct 2020 - 4:49pm

    Hepatitis A, B and C are viral diseases that generally attack the liver. The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution Review Although there are vaccines against A and B and nearly half of America has developed an immunity against A, there is no cure for the disease, though there are treatments to help you deal with the Hepatitis symptoms.

    Hepatitis A is from people either ingesting fecal matter usually through unwashed hands in unsanitary conditions or through common contact - sexual contact, contaminated water, sharing needles or consuming undercooked shellfish. This is largely localized to third world countries with poor sanitation, but is still prevalent in some areas of the US.

    The strain does not cause liver disease, and Hepatitis A symptoms are both mild and short lived - most people believe that once the disease has been caught, the person will have immunity for life, and the disease is very rarely fatal - however, the vaccine is recommended for trips to third world countries.

    Hepatitis B is contracted via direct contact with bodily fluids. It's usually caught via sexual contact, shared needles or through child birth. Although a quarter of those contracting chronic Hepatitis B will die from the disease, there is a vaccine to prevent initial infection, and there are medications available for long term sufferers.

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