TopicA Foretaste of Heaven

  • Sat 10th Oct 2020 - 6:41am

    Even in today's age of readily available information, the question continues Meditation In A Bottle Review to plague the practice tai chi chuan. In short, the answer is, "No. The practice of tai chi chuan taijiquan is not a religion, never was a religion and does not originate from a religion. It originated as a mindful martial arts practice in old China.

    The facts to support this are searchable via historical evidence. Anyone who claims otherwise should educate himself/herself on the facts before making erroneous statements that tai chi is some kind of religious activity.

    The confusion stems from tai chi chuan's roots in Taoist philosophy. This ancient Chinese philosophy is unlike any other popular philosophy in the West i.e., existentialism, structuralism, solipsism, etc., so that Taoism's strange concepts and symbols can easily confuse the less-worldly observer. Remember too, that in its purest definition, our current scientific method is built on little more than a modern application of philosophy.

    The problem with a person ill-versed in Sinology is that he or she will come across religions and religious practices that are built on the foundation of Taoist philosophy.

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