TopicType 2 Diabetes - Meat Alternatives to Help You Plan Diabetic-Friendly Vegetarian Meals

  • Fri 9th Oct 2020 - 11:48am

    Fruits makes an ideal snack between meals, but beware of eating Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy very sweet fruits such as mangoes, jackfruit, custard apple, sapota chiku or grapes because of their effect on your blood sugar level rises rapidly. Dried fruits such as raisins & dates are a concentrated form of sugar and so should only be consumed in small quantities.

    Make sure you eat pulses and dals as part of at least two meals a day. People who eat non-vegetarian foods can include chicken, fish or egg instead.
    Cut down on eating excess of foods with high fat content, which may make you overweight and increase the risk of heart problems..

    Limit the intake of table salt and salty foods, because diabetics have an increased susceptibility to high blood pressure. Beware of hidden salt in many pickled, tinned and processed foods like pickles, papads, etc.

    Keep alcohol consumption at moderate levels. Even low-sugar alcoholic drinks may have high alcohol content. Alcohol should be consumed along with food or after food, else there is a chance of blood sugars going down.

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