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  • Thu 8th Oct 2020 - 2:31pm

    Any blood tests or ultra-sounds were done right in home. He was Vitobrain Review starting to receive better care than if my mother would have placed him in a nursing facility. He was on his way now, even in this situation living a better quality of life. This also alleviated a lot of our worries as far as the condition he was in at all times.

    But still, our lives were on hold managing his care. My mother did not leave the house and started becoming depressed. The whole situation at times became overwhelming. Knowing something had to be done, after a little while I managed to talk my mother into in-home care services. I gave her a gift certificate for in-home care for twice a week just to try.

    At first, she rebelled, but finally she took advantage of it. I took her out to lunch and shopping. This gave her a much needed break, she was able to get out more often and maintain ties with her friends. The caregiver also provided socialization, and my mother looked forward to her visits. She made a new friend.

    It also allowed our family to get back on track with our own lives, jobs and children. It allowed us to spend more enjoyable, quality times with my father through this very stressful period in all of our lives. My father used to say when life became stressful, "This too shall pass". And, yes it did pass. We made it through and became stronger and closer as a family.

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