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  • Thu 8th Oct 2020 - 6:37am

    Generally we all heard about calcium which is good for bones. Emily J. Park’s Natural Synergy Review What makes calcium in its right place. If calcium gets into wrong place what will happen. These are the important questions one should know the answers.

    The right places for calcium are blood and bones. However many times the calcium seeps into wrong place. If you take vitamin k daily you will ensure calcium is in blood and bones.

    Many times calcification happens to blood vessels. This leads to osteoporosis. Apart from this when blood vessels are calcified many cardiovascular problems are bound to arise. Vitamin K2 helps to ensure that it does not happen.

    Many people will have extra bone growth known as spur. These are generally found in hips, spine, knee, toes and hands. They come in contact with nearby bones and tissues and gives severe pains. The calcium will seep into bone spurs and aggravate the situation. If you take vitamin k daily it will not allow the calcium to enter into the spur.

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