Snoopy and Shaggyshenk Earn Week Two MVP Status

Mon 18th Apr 2016 - 12:12am Smite

The SMITE Pro League Spring Split will be entering the third week of competition and while we will be looking forward to the games in the upcoming days, let’s take a look back at who performed at the top of their game in Week Two. Snoopy and Shaggyshenk were the top players in Week Two and earn their first MVP status of Season 3.


Heading into the start of the Spring Split, many fans, analysts, and players alike touted Luminosity as the best team in North America. However, the team and its fans soon learned that the title would have to be earned after suffering two losses at the hands of the new Enemy roster. After the disastrous Week 1, Luminosity silenced critics with a beautiful performance against EnVy on Monday Night SMITE. While the entire team showed up to play, the improvements and individual performance from Evan “Snoopy” Jones, were enough to earn MVP in the second week of play.

Snoopy seemed much more comfortable in the Solo Lane this week, playing both Amaterasu and Tyr at an incredibly high level. We didn’t see a single death in Game 1, while Snoopy zoned out the backline carries on Amaterasu, and in Game 2 early rotations and tower dives on Tyr helped Luminosity find an edge. In both games, it was Snoopy’s rotations that enabled multiple kills and helped turn small victories into massive gold leads. With his mechanical ability finally transferring over into the Solo Lane, Snoopy could find himself as one of the best in the world.

Luminosity will be taking on another top tier team in Eager this week. Be sure to check out Snoopy and the Luminosity boys as they play on Thursday, April 7th on!


With a BYE in the first week, Cringe Crew had two sets to showcase themselves for the start of the Spring Split. With a 2-0 over Hungry For More, and a 1-1 Split with FNATIC, Shaggyshenk looks to be back in his Season 1 form. Cringe Crews Hunter was a phenom back when he played for Coast Gaming and looked to be a rising Star in Europe, but seemed to fall flat with only mediocre performances in the past year. With Hunters becoming more relevant in Season 3, Shaggy had a masterful Week 1, earning himself MVP.

This duo lane carry doesn’t seem to pigeonhole himself to a limited god pool, as we saw Shaggy on two different mages in the games against Hungry For More. Shaggy combined for 19/2/12 on Chronos and Sol, controlling the game from the backlines, and helping them secure the win. The FNATIC games were much closer, but somehow Shaggyshenk managed to only die once. His positioning on Hou Yi helped Cringe Crew battle back in Game 2, despite being down for the majority of the game, even finishing with the most damage in the game.

Shaggy and the rest of Cringe Crew face off against Team Dignitas next on Friday, April 8th as they look to close the gap between themselves and Panthera. Watch is live on!





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