Undefeated Teams Are a Thing of the Past After Week Three of the SPL

Mon 18th Apr 2016 - 12:10am Smite

Week 3 of the SMITE Pro League Spring Split saw a few teams continue their dominance while others stepped up and came into their own. With some roster changes and role swaps taking place in a matter of one week, we know it’s hard to keep track. So let’s take a look at what went down in this weeks SPL Recap.

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Team Dignitas vs. Cringe Crew

Friday, April 8

Heading into this set, Cringe Crew would be down their Solo Laner as Zashu would receive a competitive ban leading to Deathiance having to step into his role for the teams games this week. Game 1 saw Team Dignitas draft a strong composition with Ares, Neith and Raijin who ShadowNightmare played perfectly. Early in the game, he would find an unofficial Triple Kill in the Mid Lane and would keep that pressure up with the help of his Guardian, Suntouch. After a final Fire Giant push, Team Dignitas took the victory. Deathiance would end up playing quite well in the first game all factors considered (Vamana 3/2/2).

Game 2 kicked off with two completely different lineups being drafted and Deathiance going for Bellona in this game, which would rely on his team much more than his Vamana in the last game. Once again, first blood would go the way of Team Dignitas and from there the game was really no contest. The gold advantage stayed and increased in Dignitas favor while Cringe Crew were unable to keep any sustained pressure on the map. The set would go the way of Team Dignitas and hand Cringe Crew their first losses without their Solo Laner.

Team Allegiance vs. Team EnVyUs

Sunday, April 10

Team Allegiance desperately needed a victory. With only one in three different sets, they would face off against a dangerous Team EnVyUs team. But, before doing so they would make a few role swaps within their team. Incon would move to the Mid Lane, Lassiz to the Jungle and DaretoCare would go back to his original role of Guardian. Team EnVyUs would go on to get First Blood and continue their dominance throughout the game. Unfortunately the role swaps would not go well for Allegiance as they would fall to Team EnVyUs in the game for a 0-1 series deficit.

This game would go much differently than Game 1 as 5 minutes into the game, Team Allegiance would find two early kills and take a quick Gold Fury for a huge lead. The lead would keep pressing on to Team EnVyUs and would not be able to press back against the powerhouse of the new Team Allegiance. They would earn their victory but remain near the bottom of the standings for now. Oceans stepped up and showed that he is a top tier Hunter in the SPL ending with a 9/3/12score on Anhur over CycloneSpin.


Cringe Crew vs. Panthera

Monday Night SMITE – April 11

Panthera has been dominating the SMITE Pro League yet again and Game 1 would be no different. Cringe Crew were held to only 1 kill to Panthera’s 12 kills in the 22 minute game. Unfortunately for Cringe Crew, they were on their way to another two set loss without Zashu and with the way Panthera was rolling, it seemed like a daunting task to break the current run.

Game 2 saw similar drafts but landing Kero Scylla and Deathiance would go tankier in the Solo Lane with Tyr. Early in the game, iRaffer was caught out of position and died to Kero. Kero is a name that’s being repeated and for good reason. He earned himself a Triple Kill in the Mid Lane soon after a team fight broke out and suddenly what seemed impossible was now within reach. With a few more kills from Kero and some fantastic leg work by Deathiance, Cringe Crew handed Panthera their first loss of the season!


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