Khaos and CaptainTwig Have Dominating Performances in Week Six

Sat 14th May 2016 - 10:55pm Smite


Week Six was filled with great games and great plays but like always, two players stuck out and helped their teams have fantastic weeks. Khaos, Mid Laner for Enemy and CaptainTwig, Jungler for Hungry for More had solid all around performances and were big reasons why their teams are in contention for Dreamhack Summer. Let’s take a look at how they did!


While Enemy is known for their immaculate team play and heavy emphasis on late game domination, that’s not what we saw in Week 6 of the SMITE Pro League. Their Mid Laner, Khaos, had undoubtedly the best individual week we have ever seen from him, including an extension of his god pool to Janus.

Enemy’s first match of the week was against the struggling EnVy, and Khaos’ Zeus started off strong with a First Blood against Eonic at mid camps. While he fell in return, it would be his only death in the match. The rest of the game was typical Enemy fashion, with fast Gold Furies and heavy grouping in the mid game that EnVy could not seem to match. Game 2 we saw Khaos on Janus for the first time, and he put on a show. After sniping out MLCst3alth under his own tower with unstable vortex for First Blood, Khaos then followed it up with a kill securing Through Space and Time in the duo lane from mid at only 2 minutes. While he found himself with a few deaths, he finished the game with the highest damage done, and most kills on the board, finishing the set 15/4/16.

Enemy dropped their first game against SoaR, but Khaos still had an amazing performance. Keeping his team in the game, despite the heavy pressure from Homiefe’s Ao Kuang. Khaos finished with the highest player damage, eclipsing 40k, and a solid 7/2/8 on Janus. Once again, it was Game 2 where we saw him truly shine. Picking up Janus for the third game in a row, Khaos went on a tear, combining with Varizial for first blood once again. From there, he went on to have a nearly perfect game, with great positioning, and setups. Khaos finished 11/0/0, holding every single one of Enemy’s kills and forcing SoaR to surrender at only 15 minutes. Capping off the week with a 7.5 KDA at 33/6/24.


Typically seen as a more passive Jungler, CaptainTwig broke that trend this past week with aggressive jungle play helping Hungry For More find three wins. His performances were enough to help Hungry For More rise in the standings and put themselves within reach of the top European squads.

Starting out against Paradigm, CaptainTwig made a surprising dive deep between Paradigms Tier 1 and Tier 2 solo at only 1 minute. While he didn’t pick up the kill, the poke forced Paradigm on the back foot, helping Twig and Hungry For More gain control of the early game. While he was picked off for First Blood, he responded to QvoFred, catching him out of position at around 14 minutes. After soloing QvoFred, the rest of Paradigm was baited into a bad fight, which allowed Hungry for More to pick up two more kills as well as the Gold Fury. Again, Twig baited TrixTank at the mid harpies, fighting a 1v1, allowing the rest of his team to rotate in and help get the pick, and bait the rest of Paradigm into an awkwardly forced fight. Those two kills alone allowed Twig’s team to gain a 6k Gold Lead, and snowball the rest of the game.

Against Team Dignitas, we saw Twig take less of a carry role and focus more on setting up PrettyPriMe. With a few rotations around the map, he completely out farmed Frostiak, and gave PrettyPriMe a ton of space to make plays on Zeus. CaptainTwig finished the week with only a 3.0 KDA 10/7/34, but the plays he made were all crucial to help Hungry For More snowball their games out of control, and shoot themselves up the standings.




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